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What's This India Business? 

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What's this India Business
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Onshore Offshore Ltd

Our core business at Onshore Offshore Ltd (OOL) was originally focused on enabling western clients to off-shore business processes and IT development while minimizing the risks involved, and advising offshore clients on how to enter western markets.

We have significantly developed our services from that base in the last few years. We provide extensive management consultancy and training services – in all forms of business management and development, as well as, for example, personal effectiveness and cross-cultural business – and interim management. OOL also publishes books, the Bite-Sized Books series, as well as Paul Davies’s two books on business with India – see our Books page.

We now also advise clients how to enter the Indian domestic market and help develop projects from initial idea to implementation, run the procurement process for offshoring, and can create market presence in the Gulf and southern Africa.

We provide business process outsourcing and IT development for medium and small companies, ranging from three or four seats upwards. Designed round the needs of our clients, we can provide a fully flexible service on top of the minimum so when peaks of activity occur we can provide extra accounting, book-keeping, call answering, general administration and other business processes offshore as well as extra IT development.

Our consultancy services range from initial consultation and analysis of what it is appropriate to take offshore, through development of the business case and the business plan, procurement, company set up in India, to full implementation. Using our network of professional, commercial and government contacts, and our own expertise and experience offshore, we can guide you to the best solution and minimize the risks.

For our western clients we provide consultancy, executive search, project management and implementation services to enter the Indian and other offshore markets, including setting up distribution channels, procurement, as well as consultancy on knowledge management and business process improvement advice.

For both western and offshore clients we provide executive search services, for roles in the west and in India, the Gulf and southern Africa, as well as global talent management consultancy. With our understanding of the pressures on attracting the right staff, retaining them, and then managing them as part of a global business, we can help you create the right environment in your domestic market or offshore.

With our extensive practical knowledge, our network of professional, government and commercial resources, and breadth of skills, we can minimize risks of going offshore and developing business here and offshore. If you have concerns about corruption and bribery, worries about threats to your intellectual property rights, and fears about hidden costs OOL can guide you and ensure that we eliminate or minimize your cause for concern..

Minimise risks - placing your IT services and business processes offshore or entering the domestic market offshore

Taking work offshore, whether it is software development and maintenance or business
processing is a major step in changing your business, reducing your costs and creating new value. It is no longer the preserve of larger enterprises and the additional value is now available to all companies. We are already working successfully with relatively small companies to take five or six roles in administration and finance offshore. By doing so we can cut costs, provide higher quality service and provide you with a platform for faster growth at home.

Creating a presence – whether it is a subsidiary, a branch or working with a distributor – in the Indian market, which is growing in some sectors at more than 40% per annum - is within reach of most companies now – and OOL is working with a range of companies to provide them with the best market entry approach and the project management to implement the strategy. With India set to become one of the top global markets, this is an opportunity that has to be considered.

It is difficult to know how to get started – and that is where we come in.

Onshore Offshore Ltd will work out the best solutions for you, create the right approach, minimise the undoubted risks, give you competitive edge, reduce your costs, and help you become more flexible and customer-focused.

International Executive Search and International Interim Management

Whatever your needs, from executive or non executive board members to CEO and other CXO positions, from management to marketing and sales, Onshore Offshore Ltd can find the right people for you, for permanent or interim positions as you establish or re-establish your company offshore, in India, southern Africa or the Middle East, or in the UK, Europe and the US. We can provide an assessment of any current operations you have and make the most appropriate steps to improve your effectiveness and efficiency.

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